Business English with ‘Vocalus’:

If you wish to develop your English language ability for business and employment and if you are at the intermediate to advanced level, then Business English classes are for you.  This course provides interesting business topics such as: marketing, international business and tourism. Through topics like these, you can develop your ability to:

  • conduct fluent and easily understood conversations and discussions about business topics
  • use business vocabulary to express yourself clearly and to understand what you hear and read
  • listen easily to different varieties of spoken English
  • read and understand a range of business texts
  • write accurate reports, letters and other kinds of business communication with the right type of style
  • communicate effectively in business and social settings and understand business protocols
  • give and take part in presentations

You will also learn how to communicate effectively in business and social settings and understanding cross-cultural business protocols.

General English with ‘Vocalus’:

Each module is taught through interesting topics, including about the United Kingdom and its society.  You will develop your ability to communicate clearly in English along with a variety of useful language skills including:

  • speaking clearly and fluently with easily understood pronunciation
  • taking part with ease in conversations and discussions
  • listening to and understanding different varieties of spoken English
  • reading and understanding different types of English texts
  • writing clearly and accurately
    using grammar and vocabulary to convey meaning well

Academic English with ‘Vocalus’:

In Academic English, it is the structure and organisation of ideas that largely decides the success of a piece of work.  Understanding how to present your ideas logically and appropriately, so that you have a clear progression, criticality and strong argumentation is a fundamental academic skill.

If your language ability is between the intermediate to advanced level and if you want to develop your English language ability in preparation for tertiary studies in an English-speaking country, then we recommend you consider enrolling in English for Academic Purposes.  You will develop your skills to:

  • improve your reading comprehension
  • critically evaluate academic texts
  • summarise and paraphrase academic texts
  • become familiar with academic ‘style’ of writing
  • practise writing well-constructed paragraphs
  • understand the structure of academic essays, reports and dissertations
  • write essays, reports and dissertations clearly and accurately
  • use in-text citation and referencing accurately
  • take notes during lectures
  • give and take part in presentations and seminars
  • adapt to the academic culture of universities in the United Kingdom
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